1. Stay With You
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I will never give up on us...


How can we keep going on living life this way?
Both of us believing now, love was here to stay.
Hiding all the fear in a tear behind a smile.
Searching for the land of meant to be.
Trying not to feel what my heart can’t deny.
That love might only stay for a while.

Oh I know I’m not alone. You must feel the same.
Best of friends, we laugh the same, blinded by the flame.
How did all the dreams seem to catch a falling star?
Love has found a cloud at rainbows end.
Faithless in the dark, any fool with a heart
Would rather live a lie than live apart.

There’s a voice that’s telling me kiss and say goodbye.
Deep down in my heart I know love could pass me by.
Why do we believe that love was meant for two?
Why am I afraid to sleep alone?
But somewhere in the night there’s a light shining bright
And through the clouds I still see the blue.
So here I will stay with you.